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    B.R Technology is a Software Development company based in Patna, Bihar which is known for it's technologically advanced products and services with fantastical local support team.

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    We also offer, Mobile Development for Bada / Windows, Android, Windows and Bada Systems and 2D Game Development for any platform.

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+91 9102685392
Windows Mobile Application Development
  • Client/Server Application
  • Business Application
  • Expense & Tracking Application
  • Database integration applications
  • Entertainment applications
  • Custom Solutions
  • Real Estate Application
BADA Application Development
  • We also offer special solutions to customize, integrate, install, deploy and implement various third-party and opensource application packages like and others.

  • We offer Bada mobile development services for various user needs. Based on user specific needs our talented Bada team is capable of developing all kinds of best Bada-based solution from a small application to complicated web application. We leverage the time and cost saving advantages of commercial and open source libraries and frameworks to deliver custom, efficient and inexpensive mobile solutions.

  • We design and develop various Bada apps and cross platform mobile apps and solutions in including Mobile eCommerce, Mobile Fleet Tracking, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Social Networking, Mobile Conferencing.

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